Fushimi is a lean, fit, tall young man who has messy dark blue hair. He wears glasses that have black frames. 

Since he was a former member of HOMRA, he bears their insigma over his left pectoral muscle.  However, upon telling Misaki Yata about leaving HOMRA to go to Scepter 4, he had scrached out the insigma while the Aura burned at his fingertips. He is now left with a burn mark that covers the insigma. 

Like all members of Scepter 4, Fushimi wears their trademark Blue Uniform. But Fushimi has his own slight variatoins to it. It retains most of its original qualities, but the jacket is open, revaling the blue vest underneath, and the shirts collar is open quite high. The left side of his shirts collar there is a small round pin that blinks red when the Aura of a Red Clansmen is relased. Fushimi also wear long wrists bands of the same color. 

When in high school, Fushimi's hair was neater. It was combed down and not so much to the side. Also, he wore a normal uniform that consisted of a long-sleved white shirt with an open collar, and underneath a closed black vest. Around his collar he wore a red ribbon tide with a blue cross like pendent on the front. Fushimi wore and open dark red jacket with matching trousers underneath.  His shoes were black. 

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